Freezing a kibble doesn't make it RAW!!

Please be careful read the ingredient panel.  

Because feeding a species appropriate diet (Frozen Raw) is becoming very popular and companies are wanting their part of the "$" but just because it's in the frig or freezer section DOES NOT MEAN IT'S A GOOD QUALITY FOOD. See example. This is a new Frozen food that's now available at your local grocery stores. Trust me there will be more to come.

Dried bakery product (DBP) is a mixture
of surplus and unsalable materials collected from bakeries and other food processors. What is dried bakery product, an inexpensive manufacturing leftover salvaged from the processed food industry it mostly consist of nothing more than a mixture of bread, cookies, cake, crackers and other baking waste which have been artificially dried and ground into a coarse powder.

The third ingredient is chicken by-product meal, a dry rendered product of slaughterhouse waste. It’s made from what’s left of a slaughtered chicken after all the choice cuts have been removed.

In addition to organs, this item could also include feet, beaks, undeveloped eggs or almost anything other than prime skeletal muscle.

So what is the AAFCO definition of Dried Bakery Product? 
Dried Bakery Product is defined by AAFCO under the ingredient category “Human Food By-Products” and is defined as a combination of bread, cookies, cakes, donuts and other ‘bakery’ products – dried and ground into course powder. 

Your pet is getting a lot of sugar and it’s an inexpensive manufacturing leftover salvaged from the processed food industry.

The de-packaging of bakery waste.
See video

 Bakery waste is loaded into a twin screw feeder with a 5-cubic yard hopper. Plastic and plastic closure clips are all included! It then goes into a turbo separator that spits out the plastic and plastic closure clips. Do you think any plastic or clips are ever left behind?

In the food that this ingredient was found in, the Dried Bakery Product was the second ingredient putting it very high on the ingredient list. 

For the most part, the pet industry can be viewed as a waste disposal vehicle for human food manufacturers, are you ok with this? I’m not.  Food manufacturers are always changing or updating their food and they don’t have to tell you, new ingredients are always showing up in pet products so it is so important to be diligent when purchasing. Even if you’ve been feeding the same food for a while, the manufacturer may change without notice.

Unlike humans, who may vary their diets with each meal, dogs and cats are typically fed the same food on a continuous basis, meal after meal, every day. Cumulative exposure to controversial ingredients becomes even more worrisome and can lead to disease.