The following are just my thoughts, cats are obligate carnivores(Obligate or "true" carnivores are those whose diet requires nutrients found only in animal flesh. While obligate carnivores might be able to ingest small amounts of plant matter, they lack the necessary physiology required to digest it. In fact, some obligate carnivorous mammals will only ingest vegetation for the sole purpose of its use as an emetic, to self-induce vomiting of the vegetation along with the other food it had ingested that upset its stomach.)Wikipedia

So there are other obligate carnivores but we are just going to be talking about feline (cats) today and really not going to be going into their diets, but I'm going to be talking about their mouth health, something I believe is neglected, or not thought that a sweet little kitty wants to chew on anything so we don't give them things, like we do with dogs, to chew on.  What happens is they either start to chew on things around the house or they just don't and their teeth get rotten and need to be pulled. 

What I'm hoping to do is to help you to get your cats/kitten a healthier mouth by doing some simple things.  There are also other things that will help with a healthier mouth, brushing, teeth cleaning etc.

But things like a bully stick - or maybe a raw or freeze dried chicken neck, wings, chicken leg, quail leg, pretty much any meaty bone if your cat will chew on it. Any of these would be a benefit to their mouth to help clean their teeth and keep them from being bored.

Pretty much anything you give your dog to "chew" on your cat might be interested in, what has happen is that we don't think of cats wanting to chew on things so we don't offer them the option.  It may take some time for an older cat to decide that they want to chew but with persistence and finding the right chew, your cat will start and enjoy chewing on things, and in the long term hopefully help them keep their teeth clean and keep them active and not bored.

Paula Gorman

Pet Nutrition Counselor

Food Nutrition Specialist